Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Old Fashioned Fudge

Well, it's been a while! In all honesty, things got a little crazy around here last year around the time that I created this blog so I've got some updating to do; I had a baby! Lol. I found out last December that my boyfriend and I were expecting and our little (fat) bundle of joy was born in late August. We'll call him Chunk. Batman and Princess Jellybean just love him to pieces!

FUDGE! When I was little one of my favorite things in the world was when my grandma would pop popcorn on the stove and make fudge. Seriously, my whole family will devour a pan of fudge in the blink of an eye. She got the recipe from her sister, my great-aunt, and I've not a clue where she got it! They've been making it for over 50 years, though! My kids go crazy for it, and I gotta say I indulge (over, that is ;) ) in it as well. The recipe is as follows:
(NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DOUBLE THIS RECIPE IN ONE POT!!!!!! IT DOESN'T WORK! You can, however, halve it, and it turns out beautifully.)


5 HEAPING tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1.5 cups milk
3 cups sugar
Dash salt

Mix first 4 ingredients in large pot (I use a small stockpot) on medium heat and bring to a boil. Once boiling, turn heat down slightly, about low-medium. Adjust flame accordingly to keep fudge at rolling boil, but not over medium. Mixture will rise while cooking so make sure to have a large enough pot to accommodate. Stir with a metal spoon occasionally to help with sticking. After about 15-25 minutes the mixture will have boiled back down and have become thick. To test readiness, drop a small amount of mixture into some cold water. It should be in soft ball stage. If not, keep boiling, stirring often to avoid burning, until it reaches soft ball stage. Once stage is acquired turn off heat and  mix the following right into the pot:

3 tbs butter OR 1.5 tbs butter and 3 tbs peanut butter

1 tsp vanilla

1.5-2 cups marshmallow fluff  OR 3 cups mini marshmallows

Stir last ingredients in well. Fudge should be thick and have a milk chocolate color. Pour into well buttered 8x8 (if halving) or 9x13 pan and allow to set, about 2 hours depending on how well mixture cooked. I usually just allow mine to set overnight on the counter (mostly, though, because I never even think about making it until it's almost bedtime!). Tada! Yummy fudge with a delicious flavor and amazing texture. Nothing like fudge made from chocolate chips or with sweetened condensed milk, it's soooo much better!

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